Sitting next to a roasting fire sees to be getting more popular every year. Fire heating is becoming more popular as it is seen as a way to be more independent of the local utility companies, and it allows a family to live further away from the cities. In some cases the family in question may favor it because of the size of e home with a boom in tiny houses comes a need to heat a house without a central heating system. There are also some ecological issues that are part of the equation as well. Between all of these more people are harvesting fire wood than before. 

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That people are desiring to be more independent seems to be fueling the revolution. With gas heating, even with propane tanks, the person is dependent on an outside source for heating with fire heating all you need to do is gather some fire wood and you are good for a day or two. A single fireplace can heat an entire house, especially if the vents have been set up right during construction. With a few extra blankets, the house can be made winter-ready in a few short hours. It also means that the house is better prepared for emergencies should fuel lines be disrupted or something prevent gas from being delivered.

For smaller houses this means that they can be built without all of the vents and connections required for gas heating. While this may not apply as much to larger homes, for so-called "tiny houses" where square footage is at a premium, this means that more space can be allowed for living space rather than allowing for vents and other fixtures required for gas heating. Of course, an optimal situation is to use gas for heating water and cooking, while the fireplace is used for heating the home. However, a single stove can be used for all of those purposes.

There are some interesting environmental issues as well. While fire heating may bot be as good for the atmosphere as a whole when compared to gas heating, there are some advantages when it comes to fire heating Not only is the local area kept clear of dead trees and underbrush, making it safer in case a fire should come through, but the ash can also be used for fertilizer. Between the two types of heating there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered, but keep in mind that a fire wood stove can have a nice pot of coffee ready with minimal effort.